I'm Shederyl

I’m Shederyl Stewart, a Registered Nurse, Herbalist, and Expert Women’s Reproductive Coach. As a registered nurse for 14 years, I have witnessed the emotional strain that women endure when trying to conceive. I am sensitive to the dynamic pressure that is often accompanied by infertility because I have experienced it. My journey of experiencing three miscarriages, pre-eclampsia, and stillbirth has been one of heartbreak and a path of discovering the power I have over my health. Through countless collaborations with doctors, nutritionists, and herbalists, I started to refer to my notes. Eventually, I had a successful pregnancy, and I carried a baby home.


I bring Healing Force Wellness to you to provide emotional guidance and empowering actions that will gently assist you in prepping your body to function optimally before your IVF treatment. IVF is a tremendous advancement in medicine made available for us who desire to become mothers. However, our reliance on it should not interfere with our ability to take control of our health. I am ready to partner with you as you take power over your health so that your body can be at its' healthiest, therefore, reducing the number of IVF cycles you would need. In addition to saving money and time, you will be able to allocate your extra resources and energy to preparing your home, schedule, and life to accommodate your new baby.

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